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Bedroom Scenes in Shiki: the Tale of Toshio's Bedroom

I know the animanga cut these scenes completely out, but no, it's not because these scenes are M-rating. On the contrary, these scenes don't even include people being naked, much less humping on one another.

'Bedroom scenes' are what I call the discussions between Toshio and Seishin which happen in Toshio's bedroom. In the novel, Seishin sometimes comes to Toshio's bedroom to talk about stuffs (stuffs they as Sotoba's leaders have to talk about, basically) usually at night (because Toshio is usually elsewhere places at day). Apparently, this is a habit he's carried out since they were children. The curious thing is, Seishin enters the room via the window, not from the house's main entrance.

Not that he's to blame, though.

Apparently, according to 2.1.1., when they were kids Toshio used to have a bedroom on the second floor. However, when they were still in elementary school, Takae moved his bedroom to the one he's using now quite out of the blue.

Except Seishin had immediately understood why. Toshio, arguably, had as well.

Takae has always held certain animosity towards the temple folks. The reason to that is that she hates not being revered by the villagers more than the Murois. While the Ozakis are one of the village leaders, they hold the least power amongst the three pillars: the Murois, Kanemasa, the Ozakis. The Murois hold the most power. That people think of the temple as more important than the hospital is just the way the village rolls, but as Takae didn't originally come from the village, she doesn't understand.

She hates lowering herself and humbling herself to the Murois. That's why she prefers to just not being involved with them whatsoever. But since her son and Seishin were already close friends as kids, they'd obviously play with one another a lot. The novel mentioned that she actually hated Toshio visiting Seishin because then he'd be given snacks, and then Takae had to show her gratitude to the Murois. Considering Seishin's status however, she couldn't possibly tell her son to stop playing with him. On the other hand, she also hated it when Seishin came to play, but she obviously had no choice but to be hospitable. She then had to humble herself yet again. The solution to all this was she set it up so that even if Seishin were to come visit Toshio, it'd be in the way where she didn't have to meet him and thus could pretend she hadn't known in the first place that he had come at all, so that she didn't have to lower herself to Seishin and the Murois. She did it by moving Toshio's bedroom, which was initially on the second floor, to the first floor, with easy access from outside via the window (it is mentioned in 2.1.1. that the first window on the first floor that comes into view in Seishin's path to the Ozaki residence is Toshio's bedroom).

Firstly seeing this as a kid had Seishin understood immediately that she didn't wish to have to meet him, but it was still okay if he wanted to come visit Toshio. Seishin just had to come directly to Toshio's bedroom, and was likely confined to that place only. In turn, she'd steer clear from Toshio's room.

Toshio's bedroom in the first floor was mentioned to be a parlor once, with its size many times larger than the one he previously had (which now Kyouko uses whenever she returns to the village). Judging by the size, I'd say that it was really meant to 'house' another person, then. There wasn't really any need for an elementary school age kid to have a bedroom that large. Takae likely set it up like that so that Seishin could be comfortable there, because if he was comfortable there at least he wouldn't go to other rooms in the house.

Seishin, despite all his guilt for making Takae do that, apparently still used the opportunity she'd provided and thus he's been visiting Toshio ever since using that path. Toshio, too, for all his complain about the sudden move of his bedroom back then (he was stated to 'hold lingering affection' for the second floor bedroom, which made Seishin felt guilty of the move in the first place), apparently liked the room enough to reuse it after he returned back to the village to inherit the hospital. It's a fact after all that he actually likes being visited by Seishin.

Sidenotes: don't you think that how Seishin enters Toshio's room via the window, plus how he's only confined there because he's 'not really welcome elsewhere place in the house' is quite like how a Shiki is treated?

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