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Some Headcanons


-His favorite subject as a student was math. If his family weren't the kind of family as we knew it (who pushed him to take a medical degree), he'd have chosen to study statistics, accounting, finance, or even engineering at uni. However, he was also quite strong at memorizing study materials, so it isn't like he wasn't cut out for medicine at all. Toshio had always been a studious kid who got good grades, and his grades seemed to be rather balanced over all his subjects -- meaning there weren't any subjects which got really bad grades.
-For all his good grades however, Toshio wasn't a terribly smart student. He only worked hard.
-Consequently, he had always been a terribly competitive student.
-He was always quite the rebel student who disobeyed rules he thought as stupid, or he disobeyed them just because he wanted to -- but since he was also a good student who was active in the student council and was loved by his almost everyone, the teachers couldn't hate him.
-He first smoked when he was in middle school. Drank alcohol in high school. Was already an active smoker in high school.
-He was a good looking guy. Combined with his grades and social graces, he seemed to be rather popular with girls. He didn't seem to be interested in any of them, however.
-Was a science major at high school (Seishin was a humanities major, which meant they were split at eleventh (or twelfth) grade).
-Went to a different university from Seishin, which was farther away from Sotoba.


-Was a smart kid, but didn't work as hard as Toshio did at school and wasn't even half as competitive.
-Unlike Toshio whose grades were constant and balanced, his experienced ups and downs and were really good at some, but really bad at others. Not that he really cared until it was really going to bite him in the ass (he experienced some scare moments).
-Because he was rather moody and, admittedly, could be lazy and complacent, he only got good grades at subjects he really liked like Japanese, literature, and history (Japanese and world one). The rest was quite average or sometimes outright bad.
-He wasn't the type of student who stood out, or so he thought... he thought he was invisible, but really, he stood out because he was so eccentric.
-Unlike Toshio's typical handsome looks, Seishin had rather soft looks which somehow bordered on feminine, probably because it lacked in angles and roughness like Toshio's did. Not only that, the way he carried himself could be called rather 'feminine' by some.
-He couldn't draw or paint to save his life.
-Once tried smoking a bit at a young age because Toshio told him to, but he really hated it. Never tried it out again since.
-He tried out alcohol at high school because of Toshio too, and he also hated it.
-Was a literature student at uni (probably with a history minor). His uni was closer to home than Toshio's. They rarely met throughout their university years and then some.
-He received training to be a monk after he graduated uni.

Basically, they're polar opposites.

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