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More headcanons

-Jinrou are living beings, and thus they could actually age albeit in an agonizingly slow pace. Immune towards human diseases with extremely fast regeneration, they're closer to actual superhumans.
-As it is, they couldn't really be called immortal. They could die, only it's way way harder to kill them.
-Being actually alive, they could do everything living beings can do, including reproducing. Might not actually be compatible with humans, however.
-Unlike Shiki whose transformation begins after they die, Jinrou's transformation already begins right after they receive the first bite, with a major requirement: they cannot die while they are being transformed. As such, if you had a plan to transform someone who might have this Jinrou talent, you might refrain from trying to kill them. While their regeneration starts to improve while they are transforming, it isn't enough to heal them from, say, a stab right to the heart or God forbid decapitation. However, it could also be that their transformation at some point prevents them from dying when they're in certain critical state, like when Seishin lost so many blood before passing out. He might be at the verge of death then.
-I think it'd be interesting if Jinrou lost their humanity at the price of obtaining superhuman bodies, which would be in contrast with Shiki who died but with their humanity and prior personality intact. It might've explained how Tatsumi just seemed content to follow but not really having his own desires and motivations apart from Sunako's and other Shiki's, and how Seishin just suddenly got extremely unemotional when he saved Sunako. Granted, in Tatsumi's case he might have actually been bored with living a life like that of his that he ended up being somewhat empty, and Seishin only went mad after everything that happened which must've taken a toll on his person, but I like the idea of them losing some part of their humanity thanks to their transformation.

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