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severia ([personal profile] severia) wrote2017-05-11 06:12 pm

What I love from Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

It's already astounding on its own (especially Ishida Akira because wow), but it has themes and moral values I feel somewhat attached to:

1) Its theme of turning of age and the start of new generations as well as the loss of previous ones, the whole 'descending stories' there are. Characters age, then die and give birth to new generations as their legacy. It's so mundane, but at the same time it's why it's great.
2) It's fucked up, but even with secrets everywhere everyone is so forgiving and accepting, knowing that it's what people do. In the end, everyone is good to one another when they previously aren't.
3) People all have children for the most selfish reason, but the children remain so good and pure.
4) The circumstances that eventually bring children might be bad or questionable, but children are still so, so good and pure. The children also end up being so loved (especially Shinnosuke).
5) It's possible to make changes and improvement to what previously seemed like an immovable empire.
6) Generations might change, but they still worked to keep the same thing alive through their own methods.

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