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falling out of your palms,
life; lost
nowhere to stay, nowhere to return
nothing to mourn

but mourning you do
an empty husk in its wake
you are not here

you have never been here

once more
I wish to see it again

maybe you have to be dying
to finally feel alive
perhaps, I should
kill you
to see your soul

but only a shadow awaits
and you are still not here
severia: I like this one because it looks solemn but dramatic (Default)
It's already astounding on its own (especially Ishida Akira because wow), but it has themes and moral values I feel somewhat attached to:

it's probably because I'm a traditional person though. )
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I know the animanga cut these scenes completely out, but no, it's not because these scenes are M-rating. On the contrary, these scenes don't even include people being naked, much less humping on one another.

And it's not pillow talk either! )
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1) If you don't seem to care about a certain gender, does that mean you're not interested in that gender, in the way that your sexuality will exclude that gender?

2) Just because you happens to love someone the most, does that automatically mean you harbor romantic feelings for said person? Does that mean you're into their gender in the first place?

Ono has implied stuffs, but what do stuffs actually mean? )
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Because I'm always wondering about this man, might as well use my DW to store up some meta and analysis about him.

So. Muroi Seishin of Shiki is the most complex and complicated (ha), nuanced, shady, faulty, but also humanly fictional character I've had the pleasure of encountering. Well, not that I've read many works, and not that I've had cared to analyze other characters like I do him (to be honest).

So, there's some bias. But, in my opinion, he's just downright interesting and amusing in a lot of aspects. He's quite unlike anything else.

In a way, this post also serves to organize all my thoughts and hopefully form new necessary ones, in order to create a pretty, neat analysis.

Without further ado... )
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